The Bond Street Practice

Michele Morphitis, CEO.

I have a Masters Degree from the Tavistock in Psychoanalytic Studies and also am a trained and qualifies psychotherapist. My approach is integrative and tailored to the client and incorporates psychodynamic, psychoanalytic and CBT elements.

I worked for 7 years full-time at the Priory Hospital Roehampton and was the Addictions Treatment Manager until August 2017 where I left to pursue and develop The Bond Street Practice based in Mayfair and Hampton (south west London). I continue to have connections with the Priory and see clients and groups at Roehampton. During my time at the Priory I have worked with a vast number of clients in both group and individual psychotherapy so I have a great deal of experience in providing therapeutic solutions for a very varied client base over many years.

My specialities include: a full range of addictions therapy and many other related issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and grief and loss. I am a specialist in family and couples therapy and work with young professionals. I have had substantial experience in private practice in Roehampton and Hampton and also in facilitating Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

I currently work with Operation Centaur in Richmond Park (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) and also with the Kusnacht Practice in Zurich, Switzerland - providing tailored, high-end treatment for clients and Start2Stop - a secondary treatment centre based in South Kensington.

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About The Bond Street Practice

I am a psychotherapist with rooms in Bond Street, Mayfair and Hampton, Surrey. In The Bond Street Practice I aim to meet with prospective clients for a full assessment and then suggest a bespoke course of treatment which can include a full psychiatric assessment with a consultant psychiatrist, referral to a course of psychotherapy and counselling with me and also optional links to appropriate holistic and group therapy, depending on the client's wishes. I am connected to a network of practitioners that can provide group therapy, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in Richmond Park (individual or group), mindfulness, meditation, yoga, reiki, personal fitness training and life coaching. My belief is that the mind, body and spirit are linked in a synergistic manner and at The Bond Street Practice we try to provide a wellness hub so that solid, focused psychotherapy is backed by holistic support of the client's choosing.

Prior to my work at the Priory I worked at HMP Coldingley and also in ASCA in Richmond and Open Door in Feltham.

In my previous work incarnation, I worked for the BBC in Television Centre London as a director and senior manager for 15 years, after working at Friends of the Earth as a picture researcher and graduating from the London School of Economics with a degree in Economics.

I have travelled widely and have lived in the North of England and also Southern and South East Asia for a time as my family were living abroad. I embrace diversity - cultural and personal - in others and believe that the one size absolutely does not fit all in therapy.

I believe a varied and full life and work experience is an essential qualification for a therapist to engage fully with the complexities of what the individual client brings. Therapy is enhanced by training and courses, but it is the life experience the therapist brings to the piece that enriches the experience for the client. This is an exploration undertaken together - not a prescription.

I am also extremely interested in the arts - reading, cinema, theatre and the visual arts and this flavours my work in terms of thinking outside the box and incorporating complementary therapies into the work, if required.

I practice yoga myself and have a regular fitness routine - or at least strive to one. I believe mind, body and spirit are linked and as a result I am a follower of meditation and other holistic therapies myself.

I live in Hampton (Surrey) with my family and am an avid lover of outdoor pursuits such as horse-riding and walking my beloved German Shepherd.

Above all, I believe that therapeutic work has its foundation in the strong relationship between therapist/ practitioner and client - this has to be solid and safe for work to begin.

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